Coloring Hello Kitty and Trolls


In the event that you haven't seen my other shading recordings where I  shading in various character packs, I'll leave the connection here and  in the portrayal! We should begin off by shading Trollz? What's more, I  likewise have my stamps for me to rate my work! I have the "thumbs up"  in the event that I like how it turned out, and the "thumbs down" on the  off chance that I don't care for it Let's begin by observing what the  pack accompanies

It accompanies a shading book, stickers, and a  little baggie of pastels But I'm not going to utilize the colored  pencils since I need to utilize my hued pencils Boys and young ladies,  it's sort of difficult to pick! There are a considerable measure of them  that I'd jump at the chance to shading! What's more, I will begin with  Poppy since I truly like her! I will begin off by shading her skin pink,  and a darker pink for her hair I cherish Poppy since she's generally so  cheerful and she's so overcome I will shading the foundation green in  light of the fact that the Trollz truly like nature

Furthermore, I  will shading the blossoms on the outskirt loads of various hues! Poppy  is finished! Also, I will give it a "like!" And now I will shading Poppy  with Branch has darker hues They're similar to grays, dull purples,  tragic hues since he's truly pitiful And Poppy is exceptionally upbeat,  extremely positive I will shading the outskirt red

Furthermore, I  will shading the foundation yellow so it looks more joyful And I like  how it turned out! So I will give it a like! Also, now how about we  proceed onward to the following parcel that will be… Hello Kitty!  Companions, Hello Kitty has been one of my most loved characters since I  was a child! It accompanies a shading book, a sheet of stickers, and  pastels Let's see… I will pick which pictures to shading And I like this  one! Furthermore, I will imagine that Hello Kitty is wearing a green  outfit today That runs with a green bow, and she has on a light green  shirt underneath

Presently the blossoms And since a craftsman  never leaves blank area, I will shading the foundation blue And I like  how it turned out! So I will give it a like! Furthermore, now I will  shading Kitty in her home What pretty roses! Windows And now it's an  ideal opportunity to shading Hello Kitty's outfit

Also, I will  shading the house pink The grass And the sky And Hello Kitty is  finished! What's more, I like how it turned out! How about we put this  parcel away in light of the fact that we will proceed onward to… Shimmer  and Shine! Companions, I've never really observed a scene of this show  Sometimes I see my sister watching it and it looks so charming! In any  case, I don't know much about it

Here we have the stickers Crayons  And how about we investigate the illustrations Ohh these look like  Jasmine and Aladdin's pets! This one looks like Raja or Sultan, and this  one looks like Abu! Umm, I will shading this one But I will need to  cheat a bit

I will need to take a gander at the stickers to  perceive what shading they are Her hair is pink and her outfit is purple  So I will begin with her hair And here it would seem that her outfit is  two unique shades of purple Part of it is dull purple and the other is  light purple

Also, I will shading the shimmers yellow And the  fringe as well And genies are normally extremely exquisite, so I will  shading the drapes a red hot red! Furthermore, we will imagine the table  is made out of fine wood With rubies inside (music) And the foundation

Companions,  I don't generally like how this one turned out, on the grounds that  Shimmer and Shine are truly adorable and beautiful and I don't feel like  this photo demonstrates that Soooo I will put loathe in light of the  fact that I don't think it turned out well I will shading Leia now to  check whether she turns out better Boys and young ladies, so from what I  recall Leia is the proprietor of the genies, and my sister revealed to  me that she gets three wishes a day Wow, how decent would it be to have  two genies like Shimmer and Shine

What's more, I will shading the  outskirt green And I liked how this one turned out! So I will give  myself a "like!" Now we should secure the Shimmer and Shine exercises  And how about we proceed onward to the Minions pack! Haha I don't think  we've ever shaded the Minions previously The stickers And the pastels

These  are truly simple to shading since they're quite recently yellow and  blue Oh, yet here's one spruced up as Dracula haha I will shading this  one since I believe it will turn out extremely brilliant! What's more,  how about we utilize the shades of the rainbow! In the first place the  red And I'm quite recently going to shading everything that will be red  Next we have orange Then yellow

Furthermore, with yellow we will  need to shading the flunky Oh no, we're not going to have enough space  for every one of the shades of the rainbow! Gracious well, that is  alright Then we will utilize blue for the flunky's overalls And I'm  likewise going to shading the outskirt around him blue And we will  shading the letters green

(music) And I will shading a portion of  the blooms pink, and consolidate them with lilac And it turned out super  bright, much the same as I prefer! Presently I will shading this one  that is at the shoreline that looks truly fun!! We should shading every  one of the leaves first Then the sea Now the follower, that is truly  simple since he's all yellow And I think his little goggle is blue,  however I will include some red

How about we shading the sand The  sky a light blue And here we have the crony at the shoreline! What's  more, I do like how it turned out, so I will give it a like! Approve,  time to state farewell to the cronies And now it's an ideal opportunity  to shading Shopkins! It accompanies a shading book, the colored pencils,  they're somewhat unique Oh, they're markers! What's more, here we have  the stickers! Ooh, I adore the lipstick! What's more, the pineapple as  well

We should investigate the illustrations Ooh it accompanies  exercises as well! Haha, we should check whether I can coordinate the  shadow to the Shopkin This one is this one This one is simple since it's  round And this one resembles a cupcake

Here we have another  coordinating one that additionally looks truly simple This bread This…  ooh these are truly comparative yet I think this one is the ketchup, and  this one is the toothpaste And I will shading the popcorn! Furthermore,  I will utilize the markers that accompanied it to shading in the  letters And now I will shading this apple that is here that is truly  charming

Green for the leaves Green for the worm And now the  letters! Goodness, I neglected to rate my work! What about on the off  chance that I utilize the stickers to rate it, so we can switch it up a  bit And I will put this pineapple since I adore how it turned out!  What's more, I additionally truly like how this one turned out, so I  will put Lippy Lips And we're finished with Shopkins! What's more, now  we will shading Finding Dory

Here are the stickers And we should  investigate the illustrations Aww, I will shading these delightful  otters!! Aww how adorable!! I will give it a like!! What's more, now I  will shading Nemo and his father So we will require a considerable  measure of orange Brown for the sand, the coral, and blue for the sea.